Glorious Peleys Castle Hotel

An idyllic 18th Century chateau, on the best part of Pelion [GR]

GLORIOUS PELEYS Castle Hotel is an idyllic 18th Century chateau in Vizitsa, located on the best part of Pelion mountain. This very green area combines forested hills with sandy beaches and the blue sea only a 12 minute drive away. So you can ski in the winter at the nearby Ski Center (40 km.), or spend the summer on the beaches just 10 km. away.

This magnificent Castle-Hotel hidden from the outside world earned European Community’s award for Architecture and is protected as a monument. The castle retains original features such as an escape exit, gates, and a turret. King Peleys (Achilles’s father, the famous hero of Troy in Homer’s “Iliad”) reigned over this imposing mountain.

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